New WordPress Android App

WordPress released their latest update to their Android app. This new version supports WYSIWYG editing and full tablet support. This is a significant upgrade to the UI of Word Press, like an all new Dashboard and Quick Action Bar, giving users 1-click access to the most used functions in WP.

Adding media seems to be easier as well.

We’ll see if this helps me update my blog more often!

Kicked Out of Two Homeschool Conferences

Answers in Genesis, recognized as one of the strongest advocates for homeschooling in America, has been kicked out of two homeschool conventions where AiG President Ken Ham had been scheduled to speak. In addition, AiG as an exhibitor has also been expelled. One of the conferences is being held in our “backyard”: at the Cincinnati Convention Center.
AiG Website

I was there at the Greenville, SC homeschool convention and sat in most of Ken Ham’s sessions. I was, in fact, in the session in which Dr. Ham discussed the issues with Dr. Peter Enns.

I did not think that Dr. Ham was out of line, rude nor “mean-spirited”. This is a case of “the truth hurts”. One of the problems in today’s church is that men of God are not standing up to defend God’s Word. We have very few “wall watchers” left and desperately need more! Since when is presenting, with facts/video, an opposing view wrong!?

Dr. Ham, it was a pleasure to listen to you (again!). Please, please continue to stand up for the Word of God. Heaven is cheering you on!

Hey states, homeschooling can save your budgets

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The financially troubled city of Providence on Tuesday issued layoff notices to all its nearly 2,000 teachers [FoxNews]

With unemployment high and states having budget issues and looking to cut their education budgets, I have an idea. HOMESCHOOLING!

While mom and/or dad are home collecting their unemployment checks, we have an available force of home educators! On the average, I spend less than $1000 per child per year to educate my child; while in South Carolina, more than $10,000 per child per year is spent by the government school system. So if these parents would homeschool their children, school districts would see about a 90% reduction in the cost to educate students.

Many studies have been done that show that most parents are as good, if not better, than the average government school educator.

But I bet a lot of these moms and dads would find jobs fast — also solving our unemployment issue!

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From Lifehacker: Get Netflix Working in Chrome with a User Agent String

From the Tips Box: Netflix on Chrome, Dropbox Scripts, and Facebook Links

Get Netflix Working in Chrome with a User Agent String

Justin shares a fix for when Netflix doesn’t cooperate with your browser:

I use Chrome to watch Netflix using Instant Play. It worked last night, but would not work this morning – it redirected me to a page that said I’m using an unsupported browser when I attempted to play a
movie. I called up Netflix, who told me that there was a new change in Chrome that prohibited it from launching Netflix. You and I both know that’s not the case, Netflix simply added browser identification to their page. It is especially curious, since Chrome uses the same rendering engine that Safari does, and Netflix tech support stated that Safari is a supported browser.

The fix is to change your user agent string. This is super-easy with Chrome: just make a new desktop shortcut, and add the following to the target:

--user-agent="agent string goes here"

So, in my case, the target looks like this:

chrome.exe --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1;
en-US; rv: Gecko/20101026 Firefox/3.6.12"

You can obtain your user agent string for another browser by visiting

You can use this shortcut to launch a new Chrome window even if it’s currently open, so there’s no need to interrupt your bazillion open tabs to fire up your netflix stream. I prefer to use Chrome to view
Netflix, since it uses a lot less memory than Firefox or IE does (after loading Silverlight). Your miles may vary, of course.


“kiss those dreams of a Verizon iPhone good-bye”

Sorry, Google: Verizon expanding V CAST app store to Android | GottaBeMobile

Side note: You can pretty much kiss those dreams of a Verizon iPhone good-bye. Maybe Apple will offer an unsubsidized model that runs on VZW, but don’t expect those two to come together on a subsidy deal. Verizon doesn’t need the iPhone, and Apple won’t agree to give Verizon any control over the device.

I have to agree. There is no way Apple will bow to Verizon..

Verizon Wireless Hotspot Redux

Verizon Wireless logoEarlier this month I wrote about Verizon Wireless’ Hotspot service and how it is an additional $20/mn charge and it uses its own 2GB data cap – separate from the unlimited data I am already paying for. Last week I decided to leave Windows Mobile and go Android, specifically Droid X, and now I want to see how the DX can handle the hotspot functionality.

One way to do this is to root the phone and install a wifi tethering app. Maybe I will do this, but not just yet. My concern about rooting is the potential of bricking the phone, not being to unroot it, and/or the rooted phone won’t get the OTA update to Froyo.

Update: After reading that rooted Droid Incredible users cannot install the OTA Froyo update, I am glad I held off on rooting my DX.

So I decided to give the Verizon Wireless Hotspot a try for the next week or two. I have been running it for a few days and here are some early observations:

  1. :-)  Using, I am seeing 2.27Mbps down and 0.20 Mbps up.
  2. :-(  For some reason, turning on the Hotspot forces Bluetooth to be turned off. I do not like this! I use a set of Moto S2 bluetooth headphones at work to listen to music and podcasts. I also want to use the Hotspot at the same time. Gee, my beloved Touch Pro 2 did it all without even breaking a sweat! Why can’t my 1GHz DX do the same? Hopefully the wifi tethering app will allow bluetooth to be on at the same time. BTW, enabling bluetooth while the Hotspot is on turns the Hotspot off.
  3. :-)  The Hotspot runs in Infrastructure mode – making it easier for devices to connect.
  4. :-)  The Hotspot supports the following encryption modes: None, WEP, WPA, WPA2
  5. :-)  The Hotspot allows up to 5 devices to connect simultaneously.
  6. :-(  The Hotspot costs an extra $20/mn for which you only get 2GB of data each month.

So it works and, except for my bluetooth issue and the additional cost, it works well.